This edition completes the book Training Transfer in Sport.
This book has far-reaching thoughts and ideas as well as very practical information. It brings to light concrete examples of what is involved in the development of sports form – a new concept in the acquisition of the physical and technical qualities being trained for in a specific period of time.
In addition, there are extremely beneficial descriptions of different exercises and classification of exercises within GPP and SPP as for example general preparatory, general developmental, specialized preparatory, specialized developmental and so on. Much of this information makes the training all the more effective.
Even though much of the material and many of the examples relate to track and field, the information is applicable to all sports. Strength, speed-strength, speed, power training and the benefits of different exercises are the same regardless of sport. Applications of the information presented in this book can be made to most any sport without any major modifications.
This book, that has over 200 pages, will be talked about for many years by coaches looking for the latest and most beneficial information on constructing and carrying out the best training programs. It is the first time such information is being made available in the U.S.
Chapter 1 – Cycles of Sports Form Development and Training Transfer
Classification of types of exercises
Constructing cycles of sports form development
Chapter 2 – Interrelationships between separate training sessions, their parts and exercises
Interrelationships between training sessions Relationships between parts of separate training sessions
Interrelationships between exercises used in each part of a complex training session Residual training effects
Chapter 3 – Standardization of training loads in separate training sessions, and micro-, meso-, and macro- cycles of sports training
Interrelationships between pedalogical and biological processes
Alternation of phases of acquiring, maintaining and losing sports form during periods of its development
Dynamics of sports results during periods of sports form maintenance
Dynamics of sports results during periods of rest
The dynamics of sports results during phases of acquiring sports form
Dynamics of sports results in separate training sessions in the phase of acquiring sports form
Increase, stabilization or decrease in the best sports achievement levels during multi-year sports improvement
Raising the level of personal achievements after ending each consecutive cycle of sports form development
Dynamics of training transfer in the training used during periods of sports form development
Standardization of loads over separate sessions, micro-, meso- and macro cycles of sports training
Chapter 4 – The body’s defense against adaptation restructuring that serves to increase sports achievements
Minimization of information
About inhibition
The level of coordination of conditioned reflex activity
Some mechanisms of the defense systems on the brain level

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For International Orders. If you are ordering multiple books, please Contact Us for discounted rates.


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