Dr. Verkhoshansky ( has decided to self-publish this new expanded version and has asked UAC to be the exclusive worldwide distributor. This new edition contains more than 100 pages of never before published material from Dr. Verkhoshansky including:
The shock method

The development of adaptation process during the long term sport activity
The “compensatory adaptation”
Current Adaptive Reserve of the human organism
The strategy to manage the adaptation in the training process
The specificity of protein synthesis in the adaptation process
The structural reconstructions during the adaptation process and the phenomenon of Supercompensation
Heterochronism of adaptive reconstructions
The function efficiency in a high – adapted organism
The optimal regime of adaptation
The phenomenon of immune defence decrease
The general schema of adaptation process during the sport activity
The practical aspects of the Adaptation Theory
The future developments of the use of Adaptation Theory in sport This book is a must have for any athlete or coach. Every topic is covered in almost 600 pages.
Strength and the muscular system
Philosophy of physical training
The muscle complex
Adaptation and the training effect
Sport specific strength training
Factors influencing strength production
The means of special strength training
The methods of special strength training * Organization of training
Strength training methods
Designing sports specific strength programs
Restoration and stress management
Combination of resistance methods
The use of testing
PNF as a training system
Models for structuring the annual training
Preparedness and the training load

Periodisation as a form of organization

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