Dr. Hans-Dietrich Harre worked as a professor at the German University of
Physical Culture (DHfK) in Leipzig for many years where he also headed the
commission for “General Theory and Methodology of Competitive Sports” of the
Institute of Training Theory and Kinesiology.
As a researcher, Dr. Harre contributed greatly to the development of a “General
Theory of Training”. In, addition, his work included the education of coaches,
sports clinicians and scientists as well as research with competitive endurance
athletes in sports such as Olympic rowing and kayaking.
The book:
Without a doubt, Principles of Sports Training is the most significant work in the
field of “General Theory of Training” in the German language. First published in
1969, the title has influenced generations/ thousands of students, coaches and
sports scientists.
Rooted in the East-German system of competitive sports, this work provides a
comprehensive view on basic principles and an organized approach to sports
Even though the book is still being printed in German, this is the first time in more
than two decades that an English edition is made available.
This book is a must-have for everyone who wants to have a basic understanding
in training theory and the East-German approach to competitive sports.

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