As a strength coach, Weightlifting coach and professor I have been, and continue to be a part, of barbell sport and barbell training. I fell in love with the barbell when I was 12 years old after my father gave me his old 110lb set and I got my DP bench press. Since then the barbell has been a part of helping me achieve my goals of playing college football, aided in meeting my wife (I met her as a strength coach), is the basis for my income and has provided me an outlet in maintaining my own health and competitive outlet. The barbell has also been the foundation one of my passions, coaching the sport of weightlifting. As a young strength coach and now professor teaching other young coaches, I was always frustrated I could not find a book that was practical, and included many examples, in presenting how to build set and repetition schemes along with weekly and daily program. Even now there are not many books that actually provide practical and not just theoretical information. After recognizing the need for a practical text that any trainer, coach and barbell enthusiast could use, the authors constructed this book to: 1) provide some background theory on sets and repetition schemes along with weekly and daily training but, more importantly, 2) give practical examples of daily and weekly set and repetition programming strategies. This book is not intended as a text book but instead a quick reference for coaches, trainers and those that just love to lift. The main topics of this book include the theory behind the sets and repetition schemes and, more importantly, the practical application of theory with actual program examples including: wave training, accommodating resistance training (bands and chains), Anderson lifts, eccentric training, pyramidal loading schemes, velocity training, autoregulation and weekly programming ideas and strategies.


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