The Process Level III


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The Process Level III –¬†builds from the foundation of Levels I & II providing detailed examples for coaches for the performance, development and well-being of team sport players. Beginning with how data and information is used in both a quantitative and qualitative manner to monitor and improve team sports performance. Level III explores how to develop the individual in a team sport context, how the styles of play influence the training philosophy and introduces the concept of tempo, rhythm and flow in team sports. Ecological dynamics in team sport, variability, rigidity, and dexterity is introduced in a practical manner and its importance in team sport. On this foundation team speed is deconstructed and solutions are provided for the proper training of team sport speed – moving and playing fast, not simply sprinting – as well as how to develop the appropriate energy systems to exploit speed and fitness over a complete season. Finally, we explain the integration of strength and power for team sports in a complete model that prepares team sport athletes to play their game fast, strong and powerfully with a systematic and progressive process.


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